Ball Valves

Superior Grade Ball Valves

A ball valve is a shut-off valve that regulates the flow of media with the help of a rotatory, perforated ball enclosed within the valve's body. Oilway is India's leading ball valve manufacturer, specialising in various ball valves suitable for all kinds of industrial applications. We are far ahead of our competitors in manufacturing and supplying industrial ball valves fabricated from superior grade raw materials and components. We deploy high-end engineering and cutting edge technology in our manufacturing process with strict compliance with all quality standards. Our ball valves are widely used in many facilities across numerous industrial sectors in India and other countries.

Our Product Range

Why Our Ball Valves Are Popular

  • Oilway is bestowed with the industrial capacity to manufacture customised valves and offer them at competitive prices, making us your first choice for industrial ball valves.
  • We offer more than half a dozen varieties of ball valves crafted to perfection for a lifetime of service with easy installation, easy maintenance and minimum repairs.
  • Oilway offers exceptional customer service for installation, maintenance and consultation. We help you solve your industry's unique design challenges.

Customise Your Ball Valves With Oilway's Industry Expertise

Special Features

  • Unique Design

Finest design with blow-out proof and anti-blow out stem construction with an uninhibited flow path for minimum pressure drop.

  • Fire Safety

Assured fire safety design as per APO607, API6FA, BS6755-standards, with single point contact seat design.

  • Superior Specifications

Quarter-turn actuation, bi-directional flow, micro-finished ball, extended stem and bonnet design for specific pipeline usage.

  • User-Friendly

Easy to install, low maintenance, lightweight, assured durability, and easy to operate in any industrial facility.

Unique Applications

  • Shut-Off Applications
Used in systems handling steam, water, gases, air, oil, and corrosive fluids.
  • Industrial Applications
Used in industries like oil & gas, chemical factories, refineries, and chemical plants.
  • Non-Industrial Applications
Used in ship pipelines, domestic pipelines, and fire safety protection services.
  • Versatile Medium
Used to regulate the flow of gases, dusty particles, and fluids.

FAQs on Ball Valves

What are the applications that require a high temperature (-HT) ball valve?
High temperature or HT valves are ideally used for all steam applications and liquids above 200 degrees Fahrenheit. HT valves are rated to handle saturated steam inlet pressure up to 15 PSI for modulation applications and up to 150 PSI for position applications.
Are your 3-way ball valves ideal for diverting or mixing applications?
Oilway's 3-way ball valves are more suitable for diverting applications. They can also be used for coil applications by piping the valve before the coil. We do not recommend our 3-way valves for mixing applications because it may cause premature wear and tear of the seats, resulting in an unequal percentage flow curve.
How can I extend the durability of the ball valves?

Ball valves require minimum maintenance. It is important to change the worn out O rings inside the valve body, keep it free of debris, and keep it well-lubricated to facilitate an easy free-turning. Without lubrication, corrosion can build up, making the valve hard to turn on.

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