Globe Valves

Optimum Grade Industrial Globe Valves

Oilway offers a premium range of globe valves manufactured with carefully sourced raw materials from trusted vendors in the valve industry. Our ability to offer customised valve solutions at affordable prices makes us the most sought-after globe valve manufacturers in Singapore. Established in 2009, Oilway has set benchmarks of excellence in the valve manufacturing domain. Our company's hard-earned reputation comes from our consistency in delivering quality products and our impeccable customer service, for which we are second to none.

Our Product Range

Why We Are Industry Leaders

  • Oilways' globe valves are built to work smoothly under the toughest industrial conditions.
  • Our globe valves exhibit high performance in flow regulation, particle isolation and non-return service.
  • We can supply valves in either forged or cast steel designs that ensure performance efficiency, reliability, and extended durability.
  • Our globe valves are designed for a leak-proof shut-off at various pressures and temperatures and provide an accurate throttling service.
  • We subject our valves to stringent qualification tests to comply with API 598, DIN 3202 and EPA fugitive emissions regulations.

Oilway, Singapore- Top Quality Valves At Affordable Prices

Special Features

  • Versatile Choices

Available in tee and wye angle patterns, flange ends, butt-weld, socket welded, and threaded ends.

  • Operating Modes

Availability of various operating modes like gear, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, lever-operated, or gear with chain operation.

  • Unique Design

Back seat arrangement to provide the isolation of the stuffing box for uninterrupted online serviceability.

  • Customised Aspects

Designed with customised discs with complex profiles and configurations to facilitate specific flow characteristics

Blue and grey colored Globe valve installed in industrial unit outdoor by Oilway Singapore's top globe valve manufacturer & supplier

Valve Applications

  • Industrial Applications

Suitably designed for the oil/gas refining, pulp and paper industries, power generation and petrochemical industries.

  • High-End Processing

Ideal for corrosive and hazardous applications, including downstream processing and the production of urea and ammonia.

  • Leak-Proof Applications

Used in fuel oil systems, high-point vents, and low-point drains where leak tightness is critical.

  • Drain & Vent Systems

Widely used in boiler vents, steam vents, heater drains, turbine drains, and turbine lube oil systems.

FAQs on Globe Valves

What is the flow path on a globe valve?
Generally, the flow path for globe valves is from down to up, where the medium moves from the downside disc in an upward direction. The globe valve's tight, leak-proof seal design provides the needed pressure to flow in this direction.
How does a globe valve regulate the flow of liquids?
In a globe valve, a disc is used to regulate the fluid flow inside the pipeline. When the disc moves further away from the seat, the flow increases and vice versa.
What category does the globe valve belong to?
The globe valve belongs to the category of linear motion valves. The main objective of the globe valve is to start, stop, and regulate the fluid flow. A bi-directional valve can be kept fully open or closed. Its movement depends on the disc's movement away from or toward the seat.
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