Check Valves

Superior Quality Check Valves

Oilway is Singapore's major manufacturer and supplier of high integrity industrial check valves. We supply the biggest range of perfectly crafted check valves for all kinds of industrial applications. Oilway is highly committed to manufacturing check valves made in compliance with international quality standards. Manufactured in our state-of-the-art production facilities, our check valves enjoy a global demand for their durability, quality, and efficiency. Oilway also has a reliable network of warehouses and sales offices to ensure timely deliveries for all our clients.

Our Product Range

Why Our Valves Are The Best

  • Refined valve manufacturing practices using trending techniques and processes.
  • High-quality control standards adopted throughout the manufacturing process.
  • Widest range of check valves, with various cracking pressures and seal options.
  • Customisation in dimensions, material, body, trims, caps, types of ends, and as per the application.
  • Precise manufacturing with the best material built to withstand back pressure and water hammering.
  • Valves that conform to API 6D, ASME B16.34, ISO15761, and BS 1868.
  • Check valves tested as per the API 598, DIN3230, DIN3202 standards.

Enhance Your Industrial Processes With Oilway's Check Valves

Special Features

  • Easy Installation

Our check valves can be easily installed in a horizontal or vertical orientation with upward flow.

  • Excellent Design

The rigid and sturdy design effectively prevents backflow and can be used as a backup system.

  • Quality Materials

Our valves are manufactured from a wide range of high-quality materials as per customer specifications.

  • Diverse Options

We offer swing check valves, double flanged or butt weld end type, and bolted cover design type.

blue color check valve installed in the outdoor of our clients industrial unit to control the flow of direction by Oilway

Valve Applications

  • Industrial Applications

Used in chemical industries, steel factories, petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Water Applications

Used to control the flow of potable water, wastewater, treated water, and for irrigation.

  • Other applications

Used for food processing, mining, and also in oil refineries

  • Non-industrial applications

Used for domestic water distribution, HVAC systems and coolant distribution systems.

FAQs on Check Valves

What are your suggestions for check valve maintenance?

At Oilway, we suggest the following procedures for check valve maintenance:

  • Scheduled routine inspection.
  • Documentation of valve condition.
  • Careful examination of seating surfaces and base metal pressure containing components.
  • Maintenance of seat surface condition.
  • Timely replacement of valves and valve components.

Oilway has the best experts to guide you with valve maintenance procedures. Kindly contact our team for any consultation.

Can a double check valve reduce pressure?
Yes, one double check valve closure can reduce differential pressure across the other and create a complete, leak-proof seal. A double check valve, also known as a Double Check Assembly or DCA, is designed to prevent backflow and is usually installed in water systems to prevent contamination.
Are a backflow preventer and a check valve the same?

Not at all. A backflow preventer has a fail-safe design and is used to prevent water contamination in hazardous situations. A check valve is used in low-hazard situations and is used to prevent reverse flow.

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