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Industrial Valves- The Oilway Expertise

Oilway was established in 2009 and later went on to grow and become a well-known name in the field of industrial valve manufacturing and supplying in Singapore. We relentlessly focus on delivering quality petroleum machinery and industrial valves. Staying true to our business ethics, we strive to attain perfection through our valve products. We do it by implementing the latest practices and the most rigorous quality assurance protocols. With Oilway, you can always be assured of reliable long-term value!
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We’ve raised the bar in industrial valves manufacturing in Singapore through strategic innovation of cost-effective products in a wide variety of applications.
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Best Quality Industrial Valves In Singapore

We engineer industrial valves of superior quality that last a long time, even in the most unfavourable weather conditions. Catering to a plethora of industrial sectors in Singapore, we offer:
Blue coloured wedge gate valve product of oilway one of the leading industrial valves manufacturer in Singapore

Gate Valve

Blue coloured cast steel globe industrial valves manufactured by Oilway Singapore

Globe Valve

yellow color floating ball valve product manufactured by the top industrial valve supplier in Singapore

Ball Valve

double eccentric butterfly valve with stainless steel circular bottom part and red color parts attached to its side from Oilway manufacturer of industrial valves

Butterfly Valve

black color forged steel check valve isolated under white background

Check Valve

Best-in-class Petroleum Machinery Valves

The oilfield industry demands durability, quality and perfection. At Oilway Singapore, we ensure that every piece of machinery we fabricate meets those demands. With unparalleled quality, our factories have the capacity to match any requirement.
Red Colour FC type Slab gate valve product of Oilway - Top Industrial valves manufacturer & supplier In Singapore

API6A Gate valve

Red color oilwell head petroleum machinery valve product isolated on white background


Red Colour painted choke manifold a petroleum machinery valve isolated on the white background from the best industrial valve manufacturer & supplier in Singapore


Industries We Serve

Oil Refineries
Sugar Factories
Cement Factories
Power Stations

Customers Who Trust Us With Their Success

Singapore is home to large industrial parks and a diverse range of industrial sectors, making it one of the top Asian countries in terms of economy and annual GDP. Singapore is also witnessing a prolific growth in oil and gas, wastewater, chemical industries, biomedical manufacturing and electronics. In addition, the nation is powered by other key industries, thus expanding the need for high-grade industrial valves. Oilway plays a vital role in catering to the demands with its wide array of industrial valves suitable for any application.

Oilway commits to ethical practices. Our dedication to the success of our clients is unwavering. Keeping goodwill and satisfaction as a top priority has become our biggest strength, helping us earn the trust of some of the biggest names.
Rosneft Logo-an esteemed client of Oilway, industrial valve manufacturer in Singapore
LUKoil Logo-an esteemed client of Oilway, industrial valve manufacturer in Singapore
Nooc Logo -valuable client of Oilway Industrial valve manufactures & suppliers in Singapore
Logo of Gazprom Joint stock company -an esteemed client of Oilway -who expertise in manufacturing quality industrial valves

Why They Chose Oilway

Our Global Presence

Our industrial valves and machinery are present across the globe. From subsea installations to offshore applications, these pictures are a living record of our reputation.
Trust Oilway For High-Performance Industrial Valves In Singapore

FAQs on Industrial Valves

What are the different types of valves used in HVAC?
Ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves (seat valves) are the most common types of valves used in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Other common types of valves used in HVAC systems include knife gate valves, diaphragm valves, and gate valves. Hydronics-triple duty valves act as a check valve, shut-off valve, and balancing valve all at the same time. Automatic flow limiting valves are used to vary the speed of pumping systems that control the flow of the water in the domestic hot water pipe.
What are the common causes of Valve leakage?
Industrial valve leakage can be caused by a number of factors,but the most common issues are due to their age combined with a lack of maintenance. Other causes of valve leakage include failure to open/close valves when shutting down production, using incorrect metal alloys in valve manufacturing, and design flaws that cause cracks & corrosion over time due to constant heat exposure.
How quickly can you ship an order?
We usually quote a shipping wait period of one to two weeks after receiving a purchase order, but we are quite often able to deliver within a few days. We guarantee that any specific lead time requirements you may have for your product will be met.
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