Ball Valves

Long-Serving Ball Valves

At Oilway, we design and manufacture ball valves that offer reliable sealing even when the valve is left unused for a long period. As one of the trusted names in the supply of ball valves in Singapore, we work with the latest technologies and implement the most innovative methods. We commit to high-quality products at competitive pricing by adopting a rigorous testing regime for each ball valve. We offer customised valves that fit your specification perfectly. They are ideal for high pressure and high-temperature environments and are easy to install and repair too.

Our Product Range

Gain The Oilway Advantage

  • Besides standard ball valves, we supply completely customised manufacturing services to create valves that meet your exact specifications.
  • With decades of experience under our belt, we can manufacture ball valves at the scale you need and within your timeline.
  • We cater to both metal and plastic ball valve solutions that are tailored to fit your operations.
  • Our design and manufacturing teams are integrated with quality control to ensure that the highest standards are met.

Ball valves- Solid, resilient and designed to meet your specifications.

Unique Features

  • Highly durable

Free-floating ball design offers seat wear compensation and longer life.

  • Low maintenance

With a micro-finished ball, the cost and effort of maintaining it is less.

  • High efficiency

A positive seal with a straight-through flow path for minimum pressure drop.

  • Simple operation

Variety of end connections and extended stem design for easy use.

Ball valve installation at one of our client industries by the best ball valve manufacturer in singapore

Product Applications

  • Multiple Industries

Very ideal for oil & gas industries, chemical storage, domestic uses, and manufacturing units.

  • Process Controls

Used to control the flow, pressure, and shut off during processes.

  • Assorted Medium

Can handle corrosive slurries, acidic fluids, normal liquids, and gases.

  • Bubble-tight Services

Perfect for air-tight, leak-proof services involving air, gas, and liquid applications.

FAQs on Ball Valves

What should be done to automate the installed ball valves?
To automate a ball valve after installation, a mounting kit should be used to connect the actuator to the valve after or before removing the manual handle. After doing it, the valve can be operated automatically without removing it from the pipelines.
Will it be easy to change the older Oilway's ball valves for the latest ones?
Changing our older models for the recent ball valve models is easily possible because all the dimensions, the assembly nut, and the thread sizes remain the same even in the latest designs.
Do you manufacture ball valves with a full bore internal?
All the ball valves manufactured at Oilway meet the required standards for full bore isolation valves.
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