Butterfly Valves

High-Performance Butterfly Valves

At Oilway, we design and manufacture world-class butterfly valves for clients all across Singapore. Designed to modulate media flow in any industry, our butterfly valves are simple, task-oriented and easy to install. You can rely on them with confidence on all types of gas, steam, or liquid, treated or untreated, hot or cold. As a trusted butterfly valve supplier, we engineer valves that enable on/off operations. With a quarter-turn rotary motion, our butterfly valves also allow control of liquid flow as desired. Flow balancing, direction control, and throttle control are all easily made possible with Oilway butterfly valves.

Product Range

Trusted Ball Valve Manufacturer

  • Our butterfly valves suit various models and also offer maximum sealing in multiple applications.
  • We rely on the best quality raw materials and components to design butterfly valves that last a long time.
  • We deliver quality industrial valves that you can rely upon without worrying about corrosion. The valves are available at competitive prices too!
  • We engineer a wide range of stainless-steel butterfly valves crafted specifically for chemicals, food and many other industries.
  • We proudly manufacture zero-leakage and space-saving triple offset butterfly valves ideal for high-pressure environments.
  • With us, you get high durability because of stringent quality checks at every stage of the valve manufacturing process.

Get quality, consistency and control with Oilway butterfly valves in Singapore.

Superior Features

  • Robust construction

Sturdy and compact design with perfectly centred disc assembly.

  • Lower operating torque

Regardless of the material used, frictional resistance is almost nil.

  • Zero leakage

Dynamic rubber seat ensures greater pressure and optimal sealing.

  • Long service life

A seal is placed between the seat and disc so that the valves can be used for a longer period.

Blue colour butterfly valves installed by Oilway , the best butterfly valve manufacturers & suppliers of butterfly valves

Product Applications

  • Industrial Applications

Food processing units, refineries, and gas applications.

  • Flexibility with medium

Suitable for water, air, gases, chemical slurries and acidic medium.

  • Extreme applications

Can withstand high temperature, pressure, steam, and vacuum services.

  • High Precision Services

Ideal for throttling and flow regulation in fully open and closed positions.

FAQs on Butterfly Valves

What are the technical aspects of the butterfly valve?
The butterfly valve is a regulatory rotating valve and one of the quarter-turn valves manufactured for industrial and other related applications. The main part of the butterfly valve is a rotating disc that can be rotated up to 90 degrees to allow the flow of media linearly and in a bi-directional way. Butterfly valves are quite similar to ball valves in terms of configuration and mode of operation. But they are much more affordable in price, which is why they are widely preferred.
What are the advantages of using butterfly valves?
Butterfly valves are a popular choice because they are lightweight, easy to install and easy to maintain. Their compact design makes them easy to install even in cramped spaces. Their simple and rapid operation ensures minimum loss of pressure when they are in use.
How does the triple offset butterfly valve function?
When the valve is in operation, the valve's third offset and the other two electric shaft offsets enable frictionless sealing of the disc against the seat. The seat is specifically designed to ensure a uniform, airtight seal, resulting in a lower torque and enhanced efficiency.
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