Gate Valves

Top Gate Valve Manufacturers

Oilway holds a high reputation as Singapore's foremost gate valve manufacturer and supplier and has been the prime choice of industries for more than a decade. Our industrial valves are valued for their impeccable quality, performance efficiency, and long-lasting durability. We follow very stringent quality check measures to ensure that every valve that leaves our facility conforms perfectly to all the international quality standards.

Our Gate Valve Range

Why Oilway's Valves Are Different

  • Our gate valves are engineered with a rising stem, an outside screw, a yoke design, and a flexible wedge design.
  • Our raw materials and components are sourced from the very best vendors and suppliers across the globe.
  • We follow a well-defined quality protocol comprising all the major and minor tests to ascertain quality.
  • Our products are defect-free. Also, we offer our products along with a guarantee to assure you of our excellent customer service if there are any issues.

Your One-Stop-Shop For High-Grade Industrial Valves

Special Features

  • Customised Products

We cater to your specific industrial requirements and manufacture customised valves specially made for you.

  • Precise Fabrication

Our valves are accurately engineered for maximum industrial performance with minimum maintenance costs.

  • High-Grade Components

Sturdy bonnet, fully-guided wedge, and precisely-machined body channels make our valves suitable for any application.

  • Quality Compliance

Our valves are compliant with API6D, ASME B16.10, BS5352, DIN 3352, DIN 3230, and DIN 3202 quality standards.

blue with silver colour gate valve installed in the outdoor of our clients industrial unit to control the flow of direction

Valve Applications

  • Industrial Applications

Gate valves are used in the automotive, marine, gas and oil industry, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing units.

  • Water Applications

They are used for potable water systems, wastewater treatment, and neutral liquids in ambient temperature and pressure.

  • Diverse Systems

Our gate valves can be used in air, fuel, gas, steam, feedwater, and lube oil systems.

  • Non-Industrial Applications

They are used in fire protection systems, ships, and underground pipelines.

FAQs on Gate Valves

What are the different models in gate valves?
Gate valves are of two types: Parallel and wedge-shaped. The parallel gate has a flat gate between two seats and is also known as a knife gate. A wedge-shaped gate uses two inclined seats and an inclined gate.
What are the indicators to determine the open and closed position in gate valves?
In gate valves with a rising stem, the stem position itself indicates that the gate valve is open or closed. A special device called the position indicator is sometimes mounted on the gate valve stem to determine the position. At Oilway, we produce gate valves that close in both clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.
Can gate valves be used as control valves?
No, gate valves should not be used as control valves as they are designed for fully opened or fully closed applications. They must only be used as isolating valves. As per the design, the gate fully opens and closes, and it cannot control the flow of the medium.
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