Butterfly Valves

Superior-Grade Butterfly Valves

We are India's leading butterfly valve manufacturers, dedicated to designing and engineering the finest industrial valves for our clients in India. Oilway's butterfly valves are fabricated with the finest materials and components to facilitate efficient industrial operations without any technical issues. Our butterfly valves are simple, task-oriented, easy to install, and easy to maintain even under the most challenging industrial environments. The value of our products is enhanced multifold with our unquestionable durability, competitive pricing, and excellent customer support.

Our Product Range

What We Do Differently

  • India's foremost butterfly valve supplier with the capability to offer different models of precisely crafted butterfly valves for multiple industrial applications.
  • With just a few clicks, you can select the best butterfly valve model that suits your industrial process.
  • We offer valves fabricated from grey iron, bronze, stainless steel, ductile iron, and cast iron.
  • You can choose from wafer type double-flanged and damper valves, fabricated damper valves, UPVC, metal-seated, pharma valves, and FEP/ PFA-lined valves.

High-Precision Industrial Valves Delivered At Your Doorstep

Special Features

  • Minimum Torque

Reduced operational torque due to zero frictional contact between the disc and the rubber seat.

  • Low Frictional Resistance

Zero frictional resistance to gases, steam, water, oil, and other liquid media.

  • Extended Durability/strong

Designed to provide a complete, leak-proof seal during shut-off, thus improving its durability.

  • Sealing Capacity

Dynamic valve seats ensure greater pressure to provide an enhanced sealing capacity in our valves.

Valve Applications

  • Diverse Industries

Used for food processing, refineries, manufacturing units, water supply & gas supply.

  • Controlled Processes

Ideal for throttling, flow regulation in fully open and fully closed positions.

  • Versatile Medium

Can handle chemicals, slurries, large volumes of water, and compressed air or gases.

  • Non-Industrial Applications

Used for domestic purposes, on ships, fire-fighting systems, and vacuum services.

FAQs on Butterfly Valves

Can butterfly valves be used for throttling purposes?
No, butterfly valves are not ideal for precision throttling. They are more suited for regulating large fluid flows, including viscous slurries.
Do butterfly valves require gaskets?
Our butterfly valves come with built-in elastomer seals that rest on sturdy flanges. The seals are very effective in preventing leakages. Hence, they do not need any gaskets.
What is the selection criteria for butterfly valves?

Buyers must be aware of the technical specifications, the differences in each model, and their varying capacities to make a sound decision. Additional selection criteria include:

  • Valve construction.
  • Specific applications.
  • Control options.
  • Level of precision.
  • Valve capacity.
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