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Best-in-class Globe Valves

As the country's largest globe valve manufacturer, Oilway enjoys an unparalleled reputation and credibility. We have captured the attention of large and small industries with our range of industrial valves designed and fabricated under the skilled guidance of our industry experts. Our globe valves are manufactured with cutting edge technology and strict adherence to all the safety and quality standards. With Oilway's valves, you have the assurance of uncompromising quality, reliability and efficiency that comes at the most affordable prices.

Our Products

What Makes Us Different

  • With our comprehensive range of industrial valves, we have established ourselves as one of the largest globe valve suppliers in India.
  • We specialise in manufacturing globe valves that can withstand the toughest and harshest industrial environments.
  • Our forged steel and cast steel valves are specially designed for high performance and reliable tightness for simple and complex applications.
  • Our globe valve designs provide complete shut-offs at varying pressures and temperatures, with modified throttling capacities.
  • We subject all our valves to field tests, inspections, and quality tests to ensure compliance with EPA fugitive emission regulations, API 598 and DIN 3202.

Oilway - Your First Choice For Top-Quality Industrial Valves

Special Features

  • Varied Choices
    Available in tee and why angle patterns, flanged end types, butt weld types, socket welded types and threaded end models.
  • Functional Options
    Available in gear, pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, lever, and gear with chain operational modes.
  • Unique Aspects
    Designed with back seat arrangements to provide the isolation of the stuffing box for on-line serviceability.
  • Customised Designs
    Custom-made valves with exclusively designed discs suited for complex profiles, configurations, and dimensions.

Valve Applications

  • Industrial Applications
    Used in oil& gas, power generation, petrochemical, and all high-end industries.
  • Extreme Applications
    Used in critical, corrosive, and hazardous processes with high temperatures and high pressures.
  • Flow Regulation
    Ideal for cooling water systems & fuel oil systems for flow regulation.
  • Other Applications
    Used in chemical feeds, condenser air extraction, heater drains, turbine seals, and lube oil systems.

FAQs on Globe Valves

What are the materials you use to manufacture your globe valve linkages?
At Oilway, we use metal to manufacture our globe valve linkages, be it for retrofits or a complete assembly. We usually opt for a mix of aluminum and steel to ensure that the linkages last long without any maintenance issues.
Why are globe valves larger than the ball valves used for the same application?
Valve sizes differ as per the CV Factor, which denotes the valve's line size. Ball valves have a higher CV rating than globe valves of the same size. Therefore, the applications that require a large globe valve will require a small-sized ball valve.
What other industrial purposes require globe valves?
Our globe valves are widely used in applications that require isolation and throttling services. They are also used in applications where the pressure drop is not a major controlling factor.
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