Ball valves: A top choice for industries

Ever since their invention in the 1950s, ball valves have gained widespread use in a large number of industrial sectors. The valve name comes from the perforated ball enclosed within a metal case.

When the valve is turned on, the perforation aligns with the pipeline's outlet to allow liquids, slurries, gases and other medium to flow through it. When it is turned off, the ball turns and seals off the flow. The mechanism is simple, which is why ball valves can withstand the flow of extreme temperature, volume, and pressure.

The advantages of ball valves outweigh the disadvantages that are very few when compared to other valve types. Ball valve manufacturers do not recommend ball valves for applications with a heavy, sludgy medium like slurries. They are also not recommended for sustained throttling.

Our post explores all the advantages of using ball valves to help users make a wise choice for their applications.

Advantages of ball valves as listed by ball valve manufacturers

Ball valves are available in a wide variety of sizes and dimensions. Some manufacturers even colour-code them to make them easily identifiable as per the application. In today's valve market, ball valves are available from sizes as small as 0.5 cms to as large as 121 cms.

Here are some of the advantages that make ball valves a highly preferred choice:

  • Durability

One of the most remarkable pros of ball valves is their durability. They are well-known for their capacity to serve without a glitch under regular maintenance. Plastic ball valves surpass their metal counterparts when it comes to durability, because there are no issues like rust and corrosion are non-existential.

  • Easy maintenance

Ball valves do not demand much in terms of maintenance. Under conducive conditions, a single valve can function for years. Repairs do not cost much, and replacements are easily available, thanks to the non-stop demand for ball valves.

  • Easy operating mechanism

The ball valve's design allows for easy installation and repair work. The clever design makes the functioning easy without having to worry about side loads, which is often a problem with butterfly valves. 

  • Efficiency

Ball valves are the first choice for applications that require a controlled flow. They are leakproof and open and close at lightning speed, making them a top choice for emergency operations.

  • Affordability and availability

Industrial devices need to be available at immediate notice. Ball valves are no different. Their non-availability can lead to unnecessary downtime and unexpected costs of industrial processes. Fortunately, thanks to the popularity and increasing demand for ball valves, there are many ball valve manufacturers all over the globe who design, manufacture and supply valves of all sizes and dimensions.

Their versatility in design also makes them an affordable choice. Ball valves are worth the investment as they remain durable and functional for a considerable amount of time.

High-quality ball valves are extremely dependable for functioning with high pressure and high-temperature flows. They provide safe service under extreme industrial conditions.

The valve's versatile design makes it ideal and flexible for multiple applications, from simple domestic usage to complex industrial processes.

Other advantages of ball valves

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