Understanding Ball Valve, Globe Valves And Their Differences

As the name indicates, globe valves are spherically shaped valves known as the control valves in the plumbing industry. It features a body with two separate portions segregated by an internal baffle. It has an opening that forms into a seat on which a moveable disc or plug is screwed so you can open and close the valve. Globe valves have a shorter operation period and can completely seal. The parts are easy to resurface and machine as it wears out. Globe valves were quite commonly used than other types of valves. Globe valve manufacturers in India feel that globe valves are a sensible choice for regulating the flow in one direction as backward installation of globe valves will deteriorate the seals causing the valves to malfunction. It is also used in applications that require high precision flow control.

Display of many globe valves painted in red and blue

What Are Ball Valves?

Ball valves are ball-shaped valve that looks similar to a bead. It is a quarter-turn type of valve with a hollow in the centre, which is the same size as the pipe. A hollow, pivoting and perforated ball that is placed inside will control the fluid flow. When the ball is placed in the direction of the flow, the valve opens. Whereas when you turn the ball 90 degrees, the valve closes. The handle will let you know if the valve is open or closed. If the handle is in alignment with the pipe, the valve is open, and when it is perpendicular to the pipe, the valve is closed. The gasket present on the seat completely shuts off the flow when it is closed. You can install a ball valve either way and to whichever end. It has high durability and lasts longer as opening and closing is easier. Ball valves are not used for regulating the flow as it offers only peak flow or completely shut off.

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Significant Difference Between A Globe Valve And Ball Valve

When it comes to choosing a valve, you need to understand the requirement completely based on which you can decide. Each valve comes with varied purposes, and you need to find the right one for the job. It is easier to choose between globe valves and ball valves when you know their differences. The main difference between the globe valve and ball valves is in their operation mechanism. Let us take a look at these differences more closely.

  • A ball valve has a ball and stems rotated to open and close the valve, whereas a globe valve uses a stem and disc to open and close the valve in a linear motion.
  • Due to the difference in operation, ball valves are called rotational valves, while globe valves are called stroke valves.
  • Globe valves were considered the industry standard for long as control valves, whereas ball valves are slightly improved from the globe valves.
  • Globe valves are used for regulating the flow, while ball valves are used only for on and off services.
  • Globe valves have a high-pressure drop, whereas ball valves close without any pressure drop.
  • Ball valves can be used in systems that require the flow to be closed for a long time, while globe valves are mostly used in systems where the flow needs to be strictly regulated.
  • Ball valves are best used in high pressure and temperature applications, while globe valves are used in low to moderate pressure and temperature.
  • Ball valves are lightweight when compared to globe valves.
  • Ball valves are durable, long-lasting and reliable compared to globe valves.
  • Ball valves have small obstruction of fluids, while globe valves have large obstruction.
  • Ball valves are less noisy than globe valves when used for a longer period.
  • Globe valves have greater control in throttling systems than ball valves.

More commonly used in plumbing systems, both globe valves and ball valves have their strengths and weaknesses. It would help if you had a better understanding of the system and each valve's functions to choose wisely.

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