Industrial Valves And Their Increasing Popularity

Any person involved in the industrial sector will know the importance of valves- a ubiquitous man-made object that comes in all types and sizes. Every industrial facility depends on valves to regulate the flow of gases, liquids, fluids, and even food items like juices and sauces. There are no industrial pipelines without industrial valves to control what flows through them.

Without valves, the safety of complex industrial processes becomes questionable. The increasing demand for industrial valves drives industrial valve suppliers and manufacturers in India to up the ante and design new valves that fulfil the needs of industries. Let's take a look at the latest valve designs that are trending in the industrial sectors.

Three rows of white coloured ball valves arranged at a workshop by an industrial valve manufacturer in india

Latest trends in valves as listed by industrial valve suppliers

1.Smart Valves

Valves have recently joined the list of "smart" devices. Smart valves are intelligent control systems combined with an integrated embedded processor and networking capacities. Smart valves are extremely dependable and efficient, making them a top choice for industrial sectors such as oil and gas and offshore oil platforms. Smart valves can be remotely controlled, and they can prevent any damage or blockage in the pipelines. Smart valves can be easily configured as per the piping and network systems.

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2. Automatic Valves

Manufacturing facilities that run on unmanned operations depend largely on automatic valves to regulate the flow modulation. Automatic valves are also a popular choice for domestic use. A wide range of automatic valves is gaining immense popularity because of their preventive maintenance ability and computer-generated control systems. Some of the prominent types of automatic valves include hydraulic, solenoid, pneumatic, electric and digital valves.

3. High-performance globe valves

Manufactured to outperform the conventional globe valve, the high-performance globe valve is designed with remarkable features such as non-rotating stem globe design, guided disc arrangement, sealed welding of a seat ring, and in-suite seat arrangement.

4. Control Valves

Control valves are a critical component in facilities that deal with oil and natural gas, where refinery automation and precise control of the entire process is vital. The demand for control valves is at an all-time high, with the market set to bring in more than $10 billion within the next few years. Rotating shaft control valves and sliding stem control valves are the most popular trends as their usage extends beyond the oil and gas industry.

5. Digital electronics

The latest innovation in industrial valves has taken things a notch further with the integration of electronics and digitalisation. It comes as no surprise that industrial valve suppliers are embracing digital electronics to manufacture valves with such modern and advanced valve designs. Hydraulic valves enjoy an improvised version with new mechanical designs.

6. Butterfly and ball valves

Most quarter-turn valves are butterfly and ball valves. The triple offset butterfly valve and ball valves are swiftly replacing standard gate valves in offshore oil platforms, tank farms, gas and storage applications, and specialised LNG applications.

7. Simulation software for valves

Gone are the days when valve manufacturers built prototypes to explain their new models. Thanks to 3D simulation software, manufacturers can now test and analyse multiple designs and prototypes and make critical changed before approving a model. Manufacturers use cloud-based platforms to review the models of a wide range of industrial valves that include ball, butterfly, gate, globe, check, hydraulic, pneumatic, pump, pinch, poppet and relief valve.

Industrial valve manufacturers are keen to keep up with the changing trends brought by technological advancements. It is an absolute necessity because it is the only way the valve industry can tackle its customers' future needs and demands. May valve manufacturers incorporate CAD and CAE technologies in their engineering workflow and adapt to the changing trends in industrial valves.

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