Choke Manifold

  • The choke manifold is support equipment of hydraulic BOP for controlling well blow out and well pressure. Through the choke valve, perform well killing, replacing polluted slurry in well.
  • Control wellhead pressure of casing and standpipe, restoring mud to control pressure at well bottom to stop overflow.
  • Through relief pressure, decrease wellhead pressure to perform “Flexibility Shut Off Well”.
  • Through drain valve, decrease casing pressure of wellhead to protect BOP stack.
  • Furnished with hydraulic control pod to achieve the function of remote control.
Working Pressure 2000PSI~20000PSI Nominal Bore 2.1/16"~4.1/16"(46mm~103mm)
Working Medium oil, natural gas, mud Working Temperature -46°C~121°C(Class LU)