Oil wellhead

  • Fix drilled wellhead, connect wellhead casing string. Seal and control the annular space between the tubing, suspension, control and regulation of wellhead pressure oil ( gas ) well flow, and can induce oil into outlet pipeline, if necessary, can also be used to shut off well, can also be used for acid fracturing, water injection, testing and other special operations
  • Applicable to all kinds of casing, tubing and various connection modes
  • The Christmas tree is safe and reliable, simple and convenient operation and repair
  • May be configured in a variety of specifications ( gas ) hydraulic safety valve
Working Pressure 2000PSI~20000PSI Nominal diameter 2-1/16”~4-1/16”
Temperature rating -46℃~121℃(LU Grade) Material class AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
Product specification level PSL1~4 Performance Requirement PR1-2
Working medium Petroleum, natural gas, slurry, including H2S, CO2 gas Composed of four parts casing head, tubing spool,tubing head, and oil ( gas ) tree