Ram Blowout Preventer

Hydraulic ram blowout preventer is the important component of well control device which has characteristics of flexible switch, easy operation , safe operation, simple maintenance.etc.

Ram Structure and Operation Characteristics.

Double sides of the gate can be used, and the upper and down sides of gate are symmetrical. Different sizes of drilling tools only need to replace the rubber seal semi ring and wedge pressing block, and the remaining parts can be interchangeable; one side available gate can not be reversible; Shear gate can cut off the wellhead drilling tool and seal the whole wellhead; reducing flashboard can used for sealing of different sizes of drilling tools and casing within a certain range.

Gate Sealing Characteristics

The fluctuation, automatic clearance of the gate, well pressure seal, the auto-injection of gate to gate. Blowout preventer sealing wellhead in the gate shall be sealed around four parts: seal between the top of gate and shell, the seal between front gate and pipe, the seal between shell and side door, and the seal between the piston and the side door.

Gate Locking Device

Manual locking device closes or locks the gate by hand wheel. Pay attention that during the operation, manual locking device can only be used to close the gate, and it can’t be used to open the gate. After using the gate, if one wants to open the gate, he must firstly make the manual locking device reset and unlock, and then open the gat with hydraulic pressure.